Notebook(including apple)repair trainng


Notebook (including apple) repair training standard course(Chinese and English subtitles):



Notebook (including apple) repair training standard course(Chinese and English subtitles)

Chapter 1: maintenance basis
Lesson 1: voltage and current
Lesson 2: resistance and power
Lesson 3: open circuit and short circuit
Lesson 4: cycle and frequency
Lesson 5: tools for maintenance
Lesson 6: inductance and fuse
Lesson 7: crystal oscillator
Lesson 8: capacitance
Lesson 9: resistance
Lesson 10: diodes
Lesson 11: voltage stabilized bipolar
Lesson 12: triode
Lesson 13: MOS tube
Lesson 14: gate circuit 1
Lesson 15: gate circuit 2
Lesson 16: comparators and converters
Lesson 17: noun interpretation
Lesson 18: plate number identification
Lesson 19: motherboard chip understanding, chipset matching
Lesson 20: mainboard architecture
Lesson 21: switch power supply mode and LDO power supply mode
Lesson 22: PWM power supply mode 1
Lesson 23: PWM power supply mode 2
Lesson 24: what is EC
Lesson 25: what is BIOS

Chapter 2: standard timing
Lesson 26: standard timing of Intel 6-7 series chipsets
Lesson 27: standard timing of Intel 8-9 series chipsets
Lesson 28: Intel 100-300 series standard timing
Lesson 29: Intel 4TH-5TH single CPU chipset standard timing
Lesson 30: Intel 6th-7th single CPU chipset standard timing
Lesson 31: notebook basic workflow (hard start)

Chapter 3: circuit principle
Lesson 32: standby power supply
Lesson 33: what is common point (protection isolation circuit)
Lesson 34: trigger power on circuit
Lesson 35: how to modify me before core 5 CPU
Lesson 36: how to configure me after core 6 CPU
Lesson 37: memory power supply, common memory power supply chip
Lesson 38: bus power supply, CPU power supply
Lesson 39: use of diagnostic cards

Chapter 4: functional failure
Lesson 40: charging circuit
Lesson 41: change the fan to normal operation
Lesson 42: interface circuit (display interface)
Lesson 43: interface circuit (sound card circuit)
Lesson 44: interface circuit (network card, minipcie, SATA, fan, USB, etc.)
Lesson 45: interface circuit (type-C interface)

Chapter 5: apple notebook
Lesson 46: board number identification and function of Apple motherboard
Lesson 47: component identification on Apple motherboard
Lesson 48: introduction to internal accessories of apple notebook
Lesson 49: CPU model identification and use of multimeter
Lesson 50: introduction to Apple EC
Lesson 51: T2 chip explanation
Lesson 52: how to force into DFU mode
Lesson 53: memory upgrade method
Lesson 54: precautions for hard disk expansion and data protection
Lesson 55: how to brush BIOS, extract DMI information and synthesize BIOS
Lesson 56: how to find the PWM circuit in the motherboard and how to distinguish the upper and lower tubes with a multimeter
Lesson 57: PWM power supply principle
Lesson 58: bootstrap boost circuit in PWM circuit
Lesson 59: PWM output voltage adjusts the function of FB pin
Lesson 60: Apple protection and isolation analysis
Lesson 61: Apple EC standby conditions
Lesson 62: generation process of common points
Lesson 63: generation process of CPU deep sleep standby power supply
Lesson 64: generation process of CPU light sleep standby power supply
Lesson 65: introduction to 6 conditions of RTC circuit of CPU
Lesson 66: explanation of power on circuit
Lesson 67: explanation of power supply circuit
Lesson 68: explanation of generation circuit of each PG
Lesson 69: explanation of clock reset circuit
Lesson 70: Apple typec adapter boost circuit
Lesson 71: Apple typec protection isolation circuit
Lesson 72: maintenance without startup
Lesson 73: maintenance ideas without power on
Lesson 74: maintenance ideas are not displayed during power on
Lesson 75: how to view the production year of apple notebook
Lesson 76: explanation of burning method
Lesson 77: common problems of apple notebook
Lesson 78: maintenance ideas for non charging faults
Lesson 79: power down maintenance ideas
Lesson 80: maintenance ideas without backlight

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