Basics textbook of mobile phone repairing


Phone repairing basic theory

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Catalogue I. Introduction and Disassembly Diagram of Apple Mobile Phone 1.1 introduction of apple mobile phone 1.2 iPhone X disassembly method 1.3 disassembly method 1.3 iPhone12 Second, apple mobile phone Update System 2.1 Update System precautions 2.2 Update System commonly used software download 2.3 user data backup 2.4 firmware download 2.5 Update System mode 2.6 Update System operation Third,multimeter, the use of regulated power supply IV. Electronic Basis 4.1 Electronic basic concepts 4.2 Recognition and measurement of electronic components Fifth, learn to see schematic 5.1 schematic 5.2 English noun explanation 5.3 Identification in schematic Detailed explanation of 5.4 schematic 5.5 Component location diagram 5.6 Function of component position map 5.7 Boardview VI. Knowledge of mobile phone maintenance tools 6.1 Maintenance power supply 6.2 Hand solder 6.3 SMD REWORK STATION 6.4 multimeter 6.5 Microscope 6.6 Disassembly tools 6.7 tweezers