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Xiaomi 161201-AA notebook does not start for repair

After checking, there is an indicator light on the inserted charger, and there is no boot response when the power-on key is pressed, but the indicator light will go out when the power-on key is pressed, which may trigger protection due to local short circuit. It is found that many capacitors are short-circuited. After removing the short-circuited capacitors, test the other capacitors to ensure that they are not short-circuited. After commissioning, 3.3V returns to normal.

ASUS X455LD notebook computer usb interface all failed repair

First plug in the USB mouse for testing, and the visual mouse light is not on, which is due to the lack of USB+5V power supply. After the flying line, USB_P1 on the small board is connected to USB_P6;; USB_P2 to USB_P4. The test can identify the use of USB devices. Just give up the function of the camera, but don't have to change the CPU at a high price.

Haier mechanic T90-T notebook does not start for repair

Haier's T90-T notebook doesn't start up, and it is preliminarily judged that there is power supply and it can't work normally. The actual measurement shows that SLP_S3# has no voltage. Finally, a brand-new original South Bridge chip was replaced, and ME was configured. The test of the machine entering the system was all normal.