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Maintenance of Dell XSP 15-9570 notebook computer with dark screen at startup

Dell XSP 15-9570 laptop has a dark screen when it is turned on. Visually, the BIOS and CPU have been passive. It is wrong to measure the voltage of EDPVDD to 0V, and then measure that the 19, 20 and 21 pins of the screen are also 0 V. Dismantle it and replace it with a good one, then connect it with electricity for testing. When it is turned on, the EN voltage is 1.2, and it is turned on normally.

Second, repairing ASUS X540UP notebook can’t open the machine.

Asus X540UP notebook can't be turned on, the BIOS hasn't been moved, the CPU voltage is normal, turn on the bitmap, look for the small 6-pin conversion tube PU8804, disassemble it directly, and then connect it directly from the resistance of R0633 at the back of the CPU, then power it on, and the current is 0.26-0.54-0.68-0.48-0.53-0.44-0.75.

Shenzhou Notebook Motherboard Short Circuit Maintenance without Booting

When the current was debugged to 2V and burned, it immediately became more than 4A. I touched a chip PU18 SA with my hand to supply power, and removed the re-burned machine, but there was no current. First change the SA chip, then continue to change the CPU and graphics card, and restart the current of 1.85-1.96-2.15-2.43. There is no power failure, so it is installed and tested, and the machine lights up perfectly.

The HP TPN-Q214 notebook can’t be turned on for maintenance due to water intrusion.

The TPN-Q214 notebook can't be turned on when it is flooded with water, and the current is directly 0.15. There is a short circuit in this case, so it is suspected that there is a problem with the chip, so just disassemble it and try another one. Let's see if it's the same on the 8th generation machine. It's a 5V=7F [model RT3612C]. It seems that it can be exchanged with each other, replaced, troubleshooting, and maintenance is over here.