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Apple MacBook Pro A1990 notebook can be repaired when it enters the water

By looking at the same circuit from point to point, it is found that the capacitor corrosion is severe near the circuit corroded by water. Remove the CD3205 chip near the corroded circuit, and there is slight corrosion under the pin. Clean up the capacitors and resistors with corrosion around them, and stick the CD3205 chip again. It is normal to boost the voltage by 20V.

Second apple Macbook Air A1932 notebook does not boot

Confirm that T2 may have a fault, check that T2 is not short-circuited, and trace that T2 external BIOS waveform is normal. Rom has started to work, and T2 has also turned on the CD3215 I2C bus with 1.8v waveform and voltage. In this case, directly replace the CD3215 chip, and both of them can be changed together, which can boost the voltage, boot normally, and turn on the machine perfectly.

Apple MacBook Pro A1502 notebook screen does not show repair

Dismantling the machine, it was found that the chip near the screen interface of the main board was wet and corroded. Dismantling the chip, it was found that the bonding pad had been disconnected. After cleaning the pad with flying wire and washing board water, install the chip, and check the drawing to know that U8300 is the chip that supplies power to the screen. After processing, the boot test has been shown.

Asustek Flying Fortress FX86F notebook will not be started up for maintenance when it enters water

The memory slot is corroded, and both sides of the memory are corroded. Especially, the memory chip on the right side of the memory is burnt directly. First, the memory slot is replenished, and then the screen line interface is processed. The other side of the screen line is also burnt. Scrape it with a knife, patch a line, and then plug it back in. The boot current runs directly, and the machine is turned on.

Lenovo ThinkPad T450 notebook is not turned on for repair

It is the problem of judging the power supply chip and its peripheral accessory components. Brush the solder paste, and re-solder the capacitors and resistors around the chip to be processed with an air gun. After cooling, the bare board is electrified, and the current goes up to 0.5+ and then goes up to 0.8+~1.0+ after a short stay. Plug in the screen and test the lighting machine.