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Dell inspiron 15 7559 notebook can’t be repaired without power on

Dismantling the machine, it was found that the positions of the two P tubes where the power supply 19V went in were burnt black, and the backs were also black, especially the resistor of PR61 2R2 patch was cracked. Power-on test, measuring that the 12-pin 19V of the standby chip PU16 has passed. Press the switch line to trigger, indicating that it is repaired, installed and tested, and the machine is turned on perfectly.

Second, fix ASUS X450V notebook headset speaker without sound

When the chip is disassembled, the resistance value of 27 pins is infinite, and the resistance value of the installed chip is 638, indicating that there is no problem with the board layer. Replace the fifth chip, change the installation method, heat and weld from the bottom, the quasi-voltage comes out, the sound is there, and the headphone sound is there!